book2net X71 scanning camera for libraries, archives and museums

71 MP CMOS sensor

Book Scanning Camera



High performance CMOS area sensor:

adjustable resolution
(format dependant)

perfect color reproduction


Custom lens choice

SDK available


USB 3.0 interface








digitization equipment FOR DIGITIZATION

reprographic camera for digitization of documentsRU X71 represents world-leading technology in modern digital scanning cameras. Our CMOS sensor technology is considered as the key technology of the future, allowing to capture high resolution images with superior image quality, ease of use and incredible speed.

The modular concept in combination with original tables, repro stands, columns and lighting units provides you with the opportunity to create a customized solution according to the individual requirements of the application.

This way, an universal-high performance scanning system is created, which is especially suitable for mobile use and flexible adaptation on miscellaneous requirements.




document digitization camera modular concept overview

book and document scanning x71 camera

Digitization camera book2net X71 on Cambo repro stand

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