Spirit A3

For public areas & office applications



High performance area sensor

Selectable options:

200 dpi

300 dpi


0,2 sec. scanning time
(full format at 300 dpi)

1,0 sec. processing time


USB 2.0 interface


touschscreen TOUCHSCREEN






user friendly USER-FRIENDLY



green technology ECO-FRIENDLY



multilingual gui MULTILINGUAL

Entry level scanner for libraries and offices


RU book2net Spirit meets requirements for high performance and advanced functionality for self service applications. Equipped with a new matrix sensor and conservational book cradle, Spirit provides a successful symbiosis between productivity, quality, ergonomics and conservation requirements.


book2net Spirit A3 book scanner for libraries entry level


New lighting concept

book2net Spirit adapts dynamically to lighting conditions, allowing scanning with daylight only. Additional LED lighting can be activated any time, if lighting conditions are unfavourable. LED bar provides a homogeneous, uniform illumination thanks to Fresnel lenses.

The new book cradle allows extremely gentle treatment of bound documents. It operates self-regulating, ease of movement is individually adjustable.





Spirit Basic

 book scanner A3 digitization spirit basicSpirit Basic is an entry level self-service scanner for libraries and offices. Automatic calibration before every scan guarantees optimal scanning results. Thanks to the live video preview book can be correctly positioned very easily. Embedded touchscreen makes scanning a pleasure even for inexperienced users. Advanced Easy Scan Profesionall software available. Scans can be saved on a pendrive (utilizing USB 2.0) or send via mail.





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