Cobra A1
V-Scan semi-robotic

Maximum care for your valuable books & collections 


Double head
High performance area sensors

Selectable options: 

400 dpi 

600 dpi 


0,3 sec. scanning time
(full format at 300)

3,5 sec. processing time
(scanning + imaging + storage!)


USB 3.0 interface



large format book scanner LARGE FORMATS



heavy books digitization THICK BOOKS



Valuable originals digitization VALUABLE BOOKS



Historical documents digitization book scanners DOCUMENTS



Quality & efficiency for highest conservatory demands

FR The use of the latest matrix sensor technology will provide you with the opportunity to benefit from the additional advantages in the area of image quality and productivity.

A1 book scanner book2net cobra for manuscripts and valuable collections

The Light-Control-Module we developed especially for the book2net Cobra offers the possibility to adapt the light intensity to your conservatory needs. The light intensity resp. color temperature can be reduced down to 2000 lux.


A1 book scanner cobra v cradle

  • State-of-the-art PLC control
  • High-precision linear drive
  • Variable control:
    • - Fully automatic
    • - Semi-automatic
    • - Manually
    • - Time-controlled
    • - Action-controlled
    • - User-controlled
  • Programmable scan-processes
  • Book size-hormonized traverse paths
  • Wearfree precision guidance of the glass plate
  • Electronic pressure control




book2net book scanner page curvature tool

book scanner v shaped glassplate alternative



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