book2net X71 scanning camera for libraries, archives and museums

71 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

The Ultimate Digitization Camera

Highest performance

Adjustable resolution
(format dependant)

Perfect color reproduction


Custom lens choice

SDK available


USB 3.0 interface






X71 camera combined with a repro stand allows scanning different types of documents in different formats, with adjustable resolution.


What can you scan using X71?

- all kinds of reflective materials (paper, photos etc.) - bound and loose,

- transparent materials (film, glass negatives - with light tables),

- 3D objects.


What is the scanning format?

- scanning format depends on the distance in combination with the lens used; wide range of lenses and various adapters available,

- standard lens covers all formats from A4 to A0,

- macro lenses can be used to capture very small items.


What is the quality?

- X71 meets FADGI 4-star and METAMORFOZE guidelines.


What are the parts of the fully functional reprographic system?*

- scanning camera,

- repro stand (column & table),

- light,

- workstation with software.

* You can use existing equipment or purchase complete system recommended by us.


Reprostand X71What software is being delivered?

- X71 is delivered with MiniScan service application, which allows very precise calibration of the system. Intuitive document scanning application called Easy Scan Professional is optionally available, delivering extended tools for image processing. X71 can also work with 3rd party software, using provided SDK.



CMOS sensor technology is considered as the key technology of the future, allowing to capture high resolution images with superior image quality, ease of use and incredible speed.


The modular concept in combination with original tables, repro stands, columns and lighting units provides you with the opportunity to create a customized solution according to the individual requirements of the application. This way, an universal-high performance scanning system is created, which is especially suitable for mobile use and flexible adaptation on miscellaneous requirements.




 3D digitization camera and scanner




book and document scanning x71 camera

Digitization camera book2net X71 on Cambo repro stand

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X71 - Technical Data

Sensor: 71 Megapixel CMOS

10000(H) x 7096(W) effective active pixels

Optics: Wide variety of lenses (adapters available)

Resolution: Up to 8200 ppi

Shutter: Electronic

Scanning time: 0.2 sec. @ 71 MP

Transmission time: 0.4 sec. (350 MByte/s)

Interface: USB 3.0

Software: MiniScan, Easy Scan Professional (Optional)

Device driver: Available for 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/8.1/10

Dimensions: 105 x 125 x 28.5 mm (WxDxH)

Weight: 500 g, w/o adapter and lens

Power supply: 12V DC (single supply)

Power consumption: Stand-by: 1,8 W; Peak: 6 W

SDK: Fully controllable interface; C++ communication library provided as DLL

Subject to change without notice


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