book2net folio a2+ book buchscanner

Folio A2 Plus
production scanner

multifunctional • variable


High performance area sensor

Selectable  options:

300 dpi

400 dpi


0.3 sec. scanning time
(full format at 300/400 dpi)

2.2 sec. processing time
(scannen+ imaging+ storage!)


USB 3.0 interface


mass digitization PRODUCTION






glass plate MAKROLON®



durability DURABILITY


Fast, easy and exceptionally precise

As a new premium product the book2net folio complements our portfolio of production scanners. Conceptually linked to the very successful series of the book2net kiosk, the folio takes over the premium qualities of this series which is appreciated by our customers as markedly robust, reliable, easy to use and durable. In particular, the innovative  Matrix Sensor Technology has convinced many users, due to the exceptional image quality and extremely high productivity.

The  book2net folio is specifically designed as a variable space-efficient production scanner for large-scale digitization of different document formats, providing a cost-effective scanning solution that meets the requirements of modern mass digitization combined with high application flexibility.


Scanning beyond the norm

With a layout section of 534 x 712 mm the book2net folio is particularly suitable for the digitization of different portrait and landscape formats, especially in the challenging area of historic formats beyond modern DIN standards.

Historic books, newspapers or photographs, church and civil records, technical and architectural drawings, maps, posters, engravings or scores – the book2net folio covers all aspects!



Highest flexibility —  Take your choice!


book2net folio A2+ Buchscanner konservatorische Buchwippe

The self-adjusting book cradle and the optional Makrolon® plate open up a new flexibility for a wide range of templates: Fragile historical books, modern books, magazines, documents, files or ring binders, loose sheets in portrait or landscape format  - you are free to choose!




The self-adjusting preservation approved book cradle guarantees a particularly gentle treatment of the originals and allows a quiet, motionless scanning process.

The adjustable spine-exemption allows a particularly gentle handling of very sensitive or thick books.

The layout section is optionally provided with a special scratch-resistant film or a non-reflecting, smooth coating.

The transparent and gentle Makrolon® plate can be flexibly used: it can be removed quickly and easily when needed.


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Folio A2 Plus - Technical Data

Sensor: High-performance area sensor

Optics: Schneider precision lens

Shutter: Electronic

Lighting source: Cold light LED with Light Control System (LCS)

Resolution: 300 dpi / 400 dpi / 600 dpi

Depth of field: 12 cm

Layout section: 534 x 712 mm

Scanning time: 0.3 sec. @ full format @ full resolution

Processing time: 2.2 sec. (scanning + imaging + storage!)

Interface: USB 3.0

Software: Easy Scan Professional

Image formats: Color, grayscale, black&white

Output formats: TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000

Standards: METAMORFOZE,  FADGI, ISO/TS 19264-1:2017

Copyright: Copyright waiver

Dimensions: 800 x 1020 x 1380 mm (W x D x H)

Power supply: 100V - 240V, 47Hz - 63Hz

Power consumption: Standby: ~50VA, Average: ~68VA

Safety standard: CE EMV

Maintenance: Remote service available

Subject to change without notice

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