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    “We are delighted with the X71. The results are beyond our highest expectations.”
    Colum O'Riordan, CEO, Irish Architectural Archive

    Colum O'Riordan working with the X71 at the Irish Architectural Archive

    Based in Merrion square, a remarkable example of Dublin´s Georgian architecture, the Irish Architectural Archive is holding the largest collection of historic architectural records in Ireland. 

    The installation of an A1 repro system equipped with the X71 camera in April 2018 was the starting point for digitising their collection and reduce the pricing for commissioned scanning.
    The Irish Architectural Archive was established in 1976 to collect and preserve material of every kind relating to the architecture of Ireland and make it available to the public.
    With 2.5 million drawings ranging in date from the late seventeenth to the twentieth centuries the collection of the Irish Architectural Archive includes the most significant
    body of historic Irish architectural drawings in the world. Also housed in the Archive are 500,000 photographs, making this one of the largest collections of photographs in Ireland.
    In order to make their collection available to a broader circle of people the Irish Architectural Archive is intending to establish an online platform.
    Until the end of 2017 the Irish Architectural Archive was working with photographers for commissioned work on demand, which was associated with high costs per item.
    Thanks to grants from the Department of Culture and an architect whose collection the Archive is holding in their premises, the Irish Architectural Archive was able to invest in their
    own digitisation equipment. The X71 camera has been considered as the most cost-efficient solution.

    With the X71 enhanced analysis became possible

    The installation of an A1 repro system equipped with the X71 camera in April 2018 was the starting point for digitising their collection.
    The first project was to digitize architectural publications for the current exhibition of volumes from the Rowan Collection.
    Starting their work with the X71 camera system it was quickly realised that the X71 was not only the most productive solution but also allows for forensic analysis due to the outstanding image quality.
    The high resolution of the X71 makes it possible to see even the finest strokes and enlarge the drawings for print the posters for the exhibition.
    The next important undertaking of the Irish Architectural Archive is the digitisation of their photographic collection of 500.000 photographs which is one of the largest in Ireland.

    "Architecture and the Pattern Book", An exhibition of volumes from the Rowan Collection

    The photographic collection at the IAA

    IAA in numbers

    • 2.5 million drawings and related documents
    • 500,000 photographs
    • 30,000 books, pamphlets and periodicals
    • 11,000 visitors to 45 Merrion Square
    • 3,000 research visits annually

    With over 2.5 million historic architectural drawings the Irish Architectural Archive
    holds the largest collection in Ireland

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