Munich Finger
Münchener Finger

Micro-polished acrylic finger with a precision joint to hold the pages of the book, clear, free of reflection and transparent

Manual Glass Plate

Book-gentle, flexible pressure plate from highly transparent material for pressing of waved templates

Magnetic Application Rulers

Short, or long version of wood or black anodized aluminum

Frame with adjustable clamps
2 Finger Andruckhilfe

Particularly gentle, motorized book fold contact pressure with 2 clamps

Manual book holding support
4 Finger Andruckhilfe

The Manual Book Holding Support is magnetic and can be added on the book cradle if required. Pages are fixed with a Munich Finger which comes along with the Manual Book Holding Support.

Frame with adjustable clamps
4 Finger Seitenhalter

Particularly gentle, motorized book fold contact pressure with 4 clamps

Mobile Glass Plates

for single-sided capturing of small books, museum glass, non-reflective

Daylight Lamps

Professional daylight LED area illumination for optimal illumination of objects and uneven book, manual dimming 210-1700 lux

Adjustable Angle

for single sided scanning in different sizes

Auflage Material
Auflage Material

Bezug- und Auflagematerial für eloxierte Auflageplatten

A1/ A0 Extension  (lite)
A1 Erweiterung

incl. adjustable angle
for single sided scanning of documents up to A1/ A0 in size

Makrolon Andruckhilfe A2
Makrolon Andruckhilfe

Buchschonende, flexible Andruck-hilfe zum nachträglichen Anbau an book2net public / profi Scanner. Beinhaltet Makrolonplatte, Aufnahme und Arretierung

Mobile Book Holders

Translucent v-shape book holders with handholds for application on the book with different sizes up to A2.
(vollflächig) A2/A3/A4/A5


Set 1 bestehend aus Makrolon-, Glas- und Kunststoffreiniger,
50 Papiertücher und einem Microfasertuch für die schonende und gründliche Reinigung der book2net Scanner.

Set 2 bestehend aus Objektivreinigungstuch 15x15 und Monitorreinigungstuch 30x30
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